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2011 : Intruders > Theatrical Trailer

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Welcome to the grand opening of Adoring Ella Purnell, your most comprehensive resource for the young actress, Ella Purnell. She is best known as young Ruth in “Never Let Me Go”. We currently have more than 400 photos up in the gallery will be constantly growing with our daily updates.

We are currently looking for all kinds of affiliates so if you are interested, please fill out the form at the affiliates page. Enjoy your stay!

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2011 : Slice/s > Commercial Teaser

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2011 : Slice/s > Fashion Film – “Secret Garden” Teaser

Gallery Links:
2011 : Slice/s > Promotional Shoots
2011 : Slice/s > Commercial Stills

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I’ve added the photos of BBC HD short “Candy” to the gallery.

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Production Photos > 2011 : Candy

A teenage suburban boy, Joe, meets and instantly falls in love with a seemingly innocent young girl from his home town who now lives in London. As their impromptu encounter continues, Joe realizes her situation is much darker than he could have imagined.