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Jennifer Lawrence because she’s managed to stay so grounded, and Chloe because she has an amazing work ethic – she just works and works and works. I would be so exhausted!

(on who she looks up to in the industry)

There’s a joke in my family that I’m going to make a career out of playing other people’s younger selves, I played the younger Keira [Knightley], now I’m playing the younger Angelina. I mean, it’s a good track record, right?

You can only really shoot a throw up scene of that scale once as it’s a nightmare to reset! So I’d say projectile vomiting in a playground in front of 20 people covered head to toe in a plastic bin bag is probably one of my weirder experiences.

I love actresses that aren’t afraid to look ugly, like Helena Bonham Carter. People that do a variety of roles as well and aren’t afraid to step out of that ‘naturalistic’ box.