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Marie By January 03, 2014 0 Comments

We have added x HD Screencaps of Ella in Kick Ass 2. If you have any Ella news! Get in touch with us!


Marie By July 23, 2013 0 Comments

UNION J are set to star in the Kick Ass 2 movie – and here’s their latest video to prove it. The former X Factor contestants re-shot their video for debut single Carry You for the upcoming soundtrack of the action film sequel.

The new clip sees George Shelley, Josh Cuthbert, Jaymi Hensley and JJ Hamblett win the hearts of a series of beauties, including Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and English actresses Tanya Fear and Ella Purnell.

The video features one of the film’s key scenes, where Hit Girl’s real-life alter ego Mindy Macready tries to live a normal life as a schoolgirl.

In the clip, Mindy is seen being introduced to Union J by nemesis Brooke (Claudia Lee), who warns her that watching the video will “change her life”.

Kick Ass 2 will be in UK cinemas on August 16, and the soundtrack will be released on August 12

Mila By May 21, 2013 0 Comments

I have added just a few screencaps of Ella from the Kick Ass 2 trailer. Check them out below..