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On January 22, Ella Purnell attended the Chanel fashion show in Paris, during the Fashion Week. Check out the pictures in the gallery :


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I’ve just added new/old photoshoots that weren’t in the gallery yet. We have new pictures from this year’s BAFTAS and 2016 photoshoot for Wonderland. Thanks to Ella Purnell Source for the pictures !

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Finally some news of Ella ! On october 21, the british actress attended The Ferryman opening night at The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New-York. Ella Purnell has moved recently to New-York and is currently shooting season 2 of Sweetbitter. Check out the pics in the gallery.

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Today, September 17 2018, Ella Purnell is turning 22 ! Ella Purnell Fans wishes her a very happy birthday surrounded by her friends and family and we can’t wait to see her new projects this year ! Send her a birthday message on her twitter or her instagram.

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Hello everyone, my name is Helena and I will be taking over the site from now on, thank you Jess for accepting me ! I am currently adding what’s missing to the gallery and I can’t wait to start this journey ! Enjoy your stay.

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Ella Purnell looked stylish and fierce at the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 Show as part of Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday (January 23) in Paris, France.

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Ella was photographed by Maarten de Boer at the Starz Network’s Sweetbitter during the 2018 Winter TCA Tour at Langham Hotel on January 12, 2018 in Pasadena.

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The star and creators of Starz’ new half-hour drama series Sweetbitter came to TCA today, where they took some uncharacteristically tough questions. The series is based on Stephanie Danler’s national best-selling novel of the same name about 22-year-old Tess who, shortly after arriving in New York City in 2006, lands a job at a celebrated downtown restaurant, where she’s introduced to drugs, alcohol, love, lust, dive bars, and fine dining.

TV critics, however, had #MeToo on their minds. It’s a show about “strong women,” insisted book author and series EP Stephanie Danler.

TV critics weren’t necessarily buying it, some seeming to think it played more like a Harvey Weinstein dream, and said so, in so many words.

It’s about who Tess will become, turning from an inarticulate young woman into a strong woman who does not apologize, who knows how to say ‘no’ and is self-possessed, Danler insisted.

“Sex is a part of life, as is food,” chimed in actress Ella Purnell, who plays Tess.

The first season takes place across just two weeks as Tess goes through waitress training and getting to know her co workers, Danler said.

We see her doing a lot more than “getting to know” them, snickered a TV critic.

There is a lot of kissing, acknowledged Purnell.

They’re doing a lot more than kissing, one reporter snarked, noting he’s French.

The conversation starting to resemble too closely a Groucho Marx routine, Sweetbitter EP Stu Zicherman stepped in to explain that the series is about “complete sensory awakening.” Danler, meanwhile, described the series, visually, as a “sensory assault.”

One critic wondered whether the series was out of step with our #MeToo age. Danler did not think that takes any of the fun out of the series, adding, “I don’t think sexual harassment in the workplace is fun.” The current conversation about workplace sexual harassment has not changed “the way we are telling our story,” she said, when asked.

Zicherman said he did not want everything that’s going on in our culture to “squash what’s beautiful about romance,” pulling out that statistic about 50% of relationships beginning in the workplace.

Sweetbitter Premiere is set for May 6th 2018.